Sunday, December 16, 2012

Florida Georgia Line - Cruise

Florida Georgia Line look like douchebags and, in all likelihood, probably are. Lead vocalist Tyler Hubbard looks kind of the frontman of Puddle of Mudd. They both wear leather bracelets to show they're rock-and-rollers but single "Cruise" is just a basic mid-tempo pop tune. The duo formed just two years ago and they've already made it to #1 on the U.S. Country chart, breaking Taylor Swift's strangehold on the top spot.

I want to hate this song and the punchable faces that created it with every fiber of my being, but the main hook is pretty catchy. The lyrics have the requisite Southern rock hero and American truck references, but they play their douchery close to the chest. The chorus is about Hubbard getting such a chub from a Dixie lass that she makes him ignore basic traffic laws. Simple, effective, doesn't make me want to stick my head into a wood chipper. Decent country song.

3.5 shoes (out of 5)

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