Sunday, December 16, 2012

The Band Perry - Better Dig Two

The Band Perry is a very fucking stupid band name. They are all siblings with the surname Perry, but surely there is a less annoying way to present this. Thankfully for the Perry brothers, their sister is a hot blonde who can sing pretty, so here they are with a major-label country contract.

Two things strike me about this song. One is that it sounds like she's saying the n-word in the chorus. In fact, this is probably why this song has done well so well on the country charts. The second thing is how much energy this band tries to sound old-timey, authentic folk band. Pastoral instrumentation, how fucking novel. Banjos and mandolins and shit. Cute, but you should probably focus on making the song interesting. Same reason I hate Mumford & Sons: boring melodies, good marketing.

This song is just creepy. The narrator is a love-struck wife who highlights her suicidal tendancies to threaten her husband into staying faithful and dying first. If this is love, it's creepy as fuck. How can you sing along to this?

2.5 shoes (out of 5)

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